Over 50 years of preserving excellence

Thursday Cottage was started in a Somerset kitchen in 1963. We may have moved to Essex but nothing much has changed since then -the batches are still small with about 100 jars made from every boil, the ingredients the finest we can find and the recipes simple and deliciously fresh.

To find out more about us and what makes our preserves unique, you can watch our short video The Thursday Cottage Story.

We make over 120 different curds, jams, marmalades, fruit coulis and a host of Christmas and gifting products. We also make organic and reduced sugar jams and marmalades, which are proving increasingly popular with our customers. All our food is handmade in small batches and cooked in traditional pans. We stir the fresh ingredients by hand and fill by hand when we can (you get more whole fruit hand pouring) and then hand pack our finished goods off to our customers.

You won’t find Thursday Cottage products in the major supermarkets because we like to support independent trade, which is where we started over fifty years ago.

We supply farm shops, delis, foodhalls and garden centres countrywide and export worldwide.

We also own the jules & sharpie brand and we produce their range of hot preservaments (made with scotch bonnet chillies). Click the link to go to their website: www.julesandsharpie.com

You can find your nearest stockist by using our stockist search here or you can order our products online by clicking here on redmoped.co.uk.

Reduced Sugar Diabetic Jams

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