There are mounds of citrus fruit in the shops at the moment but it is the Seville oranges that are sort by marmalade makers across the country especially those taking part in the “world’s original marmalade awards” at Dalemain in Cumbria.

Homemade Marmalade Awards

For those who don’t have the time or the expertise to make their own marmalade, the cooks at Thursday Cottage will be busy making a range of tasty marmalades that can be used for spreading on toast, as a dip for warm croissant or in one of the recipe suggestions on the web site. Marmalade has grown up and is not just for breakfast, it can be enjoyed at any time of day; from Blood Orange Marmalade to Grapefruit with Ginger Marmalade – from Fine Cut Seville Marmalade to the rich Vintage Orange Marmalade each has its own distinctive flavour.

If you are celebrating Farmhouse Breakfast week with a hearty fry-up don’t forget the toast and marmalade.