One of Thursday’s Cottage most recent products, Gingerbread Caramel Spread received 2 stars from the Great Taste Awards while our traditional Lemon Curd received 1 star.  We are delighted and would like to share the judges’ comments:

“Thursday Cottage Gingerbread Caramel Spread (2 Stars): A very appealing rich and creamy appearance to this gorgeously glossy, thickly textured caramel with its sweet and aromatic scent. Smooth and velvety textured, it melts seamlessly on the palate to reveal its flavour notes. Creamy and cleverly sweet, with caramel softness contrasting with a building warmth from the spicy aromatic ginger. A tiny tang of minerality from the salt brings balance and a clean finish. Rich and indulgent, sweet and spicy and simply delicious. Perfect for Ice cream, porridge or a filling for a Victoria sandwich. Very versatile.”
“Thursday Cottage Lemon Curd (1 Star): Lovely clean aromas and a silky smooth lemon curd. This is the kind of curd that can really only be made in small batches, it has an elegance that is charming, whilst still packing a good citrus punch. A well-made product.

“This glossy curd delivers a bright, tangy, buttery flavour. Well made with a lovely set and silky smooth consistency.”

The cooks in our kitchen were delighted when the awards were announced.