Mike Ranson the winner of The World’s Original Marmalade Awards 2022, held at Dalemain Cumbria, visited Thursday Cottage in Tiptree recently to watch the next batch of his award winning: Seville Orange and Cider Marmalade with Calvados being reproduced in the small factory.

During his visit Mike explained that he was introduced to marmalade making by his father who he watched preparing the oranges and cooking the fruit with sugar.  Mike then started developing his own marmalade recipes and first entered the prestigious Marmalade Awards five years ago, having won some awards he was hoping for a gold this year and was delighted to win two gold medals for his innovative new spirited marmalade.

Each year the team at Thursday Cottage replicate the winning marmalade from The World’s Original Marmalade Festival so that it can be sold at Dalemain and at Fortnum & Mason stores to raise funds for charity. “Reproducing a small batch recipe into a full-scale production marmalade can be challenging especially when researching the technical details of some of the unusual ingredients” said Donna Smith, managing director of Thursday Cottage. “Mike Ranson’s winning marmalade contains an interesting combination of flavours and ingredients that are proving to be very popular with consumers and marmalade connoisseurs.”

Mike Ranson and his wife Jenny were delighted that the Award had given them an opportunity to visit Thursday Cottage and to see his marmalade on the shelves at Fortnum & Mason in London.




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